Military Cartridge Section
375 Cheytac (9.5x77mm) aka 375-408 Cheytac
Introduced in 2007, the .375 CheyTac, also called the 375-408 CheyTac is a necked down version of
the 408 Cheytac, from .408" to .375"  diameter projectiles.
Cheytac reports hitting 1 MOA targets  at 2.07 miles and high kinetic energy at extreme distances.
The 350 grain .375" projectiles has a velocity of 2,950 feet per second and muzzle energy of 6,723 foot
pounds per square inch at 200 meters. (over 600 feet down range.)
Older Seconds at Dealer Cost
Older production
using Jarmison Brass
Newer production
using Peterson Brass