370 Sako Magnum
Nickel Case, with 286 Grain Triple Shock Barnes Projectile,
Semi H.P.  only $ 9.95 per Cartridge
Current Rifle Cartridges
The 370 Sako Magnum was introduced in 2008 and is the USA version of the  9.3x66mm SAKO, which was introduced in
2002 in Europe. Both the 370 and 9.33x66mm will be available in the SAKO 75 bolt-action rifles
The Federal Cartridge Company remarks on their web-site that the 370 Sako Magnum is a necked up 30-06, however it's
case length of 2.583" is about .099" longer then the 30-06 case.
Muzzle Velocity 2550 F.P.S. Muzzle Energy 4,129 F.P. that's 1,000 Foot Pounds over the 30-06.