357 Maximum "NOT" 357 Magnum!
Now Obsolete Rifle & Pistol  
The 357 Maximum was introduced in 1983 by Remington and the Ruger Co. for the Ruger Blackhawk Revolver Pistol,
and a year later for the Dan Wesson revolver.
The cartridge was too stressful for the revolvers and was dropped some time ago by Remington, the only maker of this
caliber at the time.
It is now only used in the Thompson/Center Single Shot Contender, in pistol or rifle barrels. This is an obsolete pistol
cartridge as no major manufacturers are now making it. However we have a custom loader producing custom loaded
"Match Grade" cartridges.
The 357 Maximum case is 1.593" long, vs. 1.279" on Winchesters 357 Magnum.