33 Winchester,  a.k.a. 33 W.C.F. or .33 WC
Obsolete Rifle Cartridges Section
The 33 Winchester or a.k.a. 33 W.C.F. (WCF = Winchester Center Fire) or .33 W.C. was introduced in 1902
by Winchester for theModel 86 lever-action rifle (which was originally chambered in .40-65).
The 33 Winchester cartridge was retired in the late 1930's to early 1940's after the Model 86 rifle was
replaced in 1936 with the Model 71lever-action rifle, chambered in the 348 Winchester cartridge.
The 33 Winchester was also offered in the Marlin Model 95 lever-action rifle and Winchester's Model 85 single
shot rifle.
It has been obsolete for app. 80 years and a hard cartridge, with the accept of a few special runs by custom
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