Sporting Cartridges
338 norma magnum (8.59 x 91.44mm)
not the 338 norma "Blaser" Magnum, link to that click here:         
$ 12.75 per
Technically this is a European
sporting cartridge, but the idea
was born in the U.S.A. by American
sport shooter Jimmie Sloan as a
long-range sport shooting wildcat
Jim built the then wildcat
cartridge by shortening and necking
down a 416 Rigby cartridge.
Later the design was purchased
by the ammunition manufacturer
Norma in 2009, most likely to
compete against 338 Lapua as a
great sniper cartridge.
With a 300 grain projectile
traveling at 2,750 FPS it will hurt.
It does well vs. the 338 Lapua
which is about the same speed,
but with a longer case length.
For now the 338 Norma
magnum is a European sporting
cartridge, but I think it may be
considered a military cartridge soon