Military Cartridge Section
In an effort to develop cartridges for forcible entry and other shorter range combat operations; many ideas have come up for a cartridge
that will disable a combatant without taking out the neighborhood with an over-powering caliber that works well on the battlefield
at more the 100 yards.
The idea was to use a shorter barrel version of the AR-15 platform with many smaller pistol calibers, or smaller rifle calibers loaded
to sub-sonic velocities.  
There have been a few new calibers designed for this type of duty and the 338 Spectre is one of them, with a 300 grain projectile
traveling at below sonic speed.
The .338 Spectre is the brainchild of Mr. Marty ter Weeme of Teppo Jutsu Co LLC.
The cartridge has a wide array of applications, including small to medium game hunting, match target, suppressed sniper shooting
and forcible entry.
Like many new calibers, the .338 Spectre cartridge was developed specifically for the AR-15 family of gas-operated, detachable-box
magazine-fed firearms. The cartridge is intended to fill the gap between traditional pistol caliber cartridges and existing rifle
cartridges used in this weapon system.  It shares rim size with the new Remington 6.8 x 43mm SPC cartridge, allowing use of
OEM bolts in this caliber.
Specimens for sale were produced by
SBR with a 300 grain elongated
jacketed hollow point projectile and
loaded to sub-sonic speeds.
SBR Head-Stamp.
$3.50 for One Cartridge
currently no limits
One Cartridge not a box for
single cartridge collectors.
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