Current Rifle Cartridges
.338 Marlin Express
The 338 Marlin Express was introduced in 2009 as the newest in a line of cartridges designed
for the Marlin Level-Action Rifles.
This new 338 caliber is the big brother to the .308 Marlin Express introduced in 2007, only the .338
caliber has a large projectile diameter then the .308 caliber Marlin Express.
For more information on this cartridge see below after the pictures.
Below is from the Hornady Web-Site, taken in 2009:
The 338 Marlin Express is the latest in a very successful, pedigreed family of cartridges that have been taking the hunting
world by storm over the past three years.
Hornady engineers were charged with getting every ounce of performance out of the Marlin platform, so they delivered a
revolutionary medium bore cartridge based loosely on the 376 Steyr, a short action powerhouse.
They added an abbreviated rim and shortened the cartridge slightly and necked it down to .338".
The resulting cartridge delivers astounding ballistics; driving the very efficient 200 grain FTX bullet at an amazing 2,565 fps
from a 24" Marlin XLR.
The bullet has a B.C. of .430 and matches 180 grain 30-06 ballistics in terms of energy and trajectory out to 400 yards.
The 200 grain FTX is built tough and designed for hunting large game like elk, moose and bear but would be equally at home
hunting whitetails.
The 338 Marlin Express is the first ever long-range, big game levergun specific cartridge to hit the market, and opens a new
class of hunting to the levergun.
Picture to the left,
two cartridges on the
Right side for size
On Left
.338" Marlin Express
On Right
.308" Marlin Express