338 Lapua (8.58x71mm Finland)
Military Cartridge Stock
The 338 Lapua cartridge was introduced in 1983 as a wildcat/proprietary by Research Armament Co.,  U.S.A. and
was the first  caliber designed specifically  for sniping with enough energy to penetrate 5 layers of military
body-armor and still make the kill at 1,000 meters.
It was designed by necking down a 416 Rigby to .338,  with Brass Extrusion Labs U.S.A making the brass, and
Hornady U.S.A making the bullets.
Then Lapua and Norma began production of the cartridge. With a velocity of 3,000 for a 250 grain bullet with 4850
Foot Pounds of Energy, in  the rightshooting conditions, it could be use to the 2,000 meter mark.
Today this cartridge is used by many military forces in the  world, as a preferred anti-personal sniper cartridge.