30 Pederson (CAL .32 Pederson)
The Pederson Device was designed by John Pedersen, a longtime employee of Remington Arms, to fit a modified
Model 1903 bolt-action rifle and convert it to a semi-automatic weapon in 1918.
It was called the Cal. 30 Automatic Pistol Model of 1918.
The cartridge started out as the Cal. 32 Pederson Cartridge, or the Remington Cal .32 Auto cartridge and was adopted
as the Cal. 30 Automatic Pistol Ball Cartridge, Model of 1918.
I have been told the French used the cartridge for their own and used it in their M1935A and  M1935S pistols and
renamed the cartridge the 7.65x20mm Longue (some sources call it the 7.65x19.5mm Longue ).  
Military Cartridge Stock Section
The cartridge specimens available on the left were
manufactured by Remington Arms, USA  
(Made in 1919, almost 100 years old)
Scarce "RA 19 H" Head Stamp
Full copper coated projectile .
Nice patina,  may have some very
small spots.
Factory loaded with dark purple
primer sealant.
$9.75 per Cartridge