Current Rifle Cartridges
307 Winchester
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Cartridges available is pictures to the
left 307 Winchester, rimmed, with
"W-W SUPER 307 WIN" head-stamp
produced by Winchester.
Comparison photo on left is    
(A.) on left 307 Winchester, Rimmed      
(B.) on Right, 308 Winchester, rimless    
The 307 Winchester was introduced in 1982 as a "rimmed" version of the 308 Winchester  or  the
7.62x52mm NATO
rimless cartridges.
It was designated 307 Winchester to avoid confusion with the rimless 308 Winchester (7.62x51mm NATO).
As in many of European Calibers, Winchester was hoping a rimmed version would be better in a lever
action, bolt action and breech loading rifles, however the volume was not worth the production, and it is
now also obsolete, however sometimes a special run is produced.
Note the differences in the 307 Winchester vs. 308 Winchester in the below picture.