Current Rifle Cartridges
.300 HAM'R BY Wilson Combat
Not the same as 7.62x40WT

The .300 HAM’R was introduced
in 2018 by Wilson Combat for the
AR-15 Platform firearm and is very
similar to the 7.62x40WT introduced
in 2011 by Wilson combat.
However the 300 HAM’R is not the
same cartridge as the 7.62x40mm
Wilson Tactical.
The .300 HAM’R has a longer case
length by 40/1000" and the shoulder
starts 40/1000" longer down the case.
This increases the powder charge by
2.1 more grams.
The two cartridges are not
Picture to Right :
on Left 300 HAM'R, on Right 7.62x40WT