Current Rifle Cartridges
30-30 Winchester
The .30-30 Winchester also called .30 Winchester or .30-30 WCF (WCF for Winchester Center-Fire) was introduced by
Winchester in 1895 for the Model 1894 Winchester lever-action rifle.
The .30-30 Winchester was named for having a .30" caliber projectile and loaded with 30 grains of gunpowder.
This was the first small caliber sporting cartridge to use smokeless power and without any doubt  the most famous deer
hunting cartridge of all time in the U.S.A., even if many hunters feel it is under powered for clean kills and only good
for shots out to 100 yards.
With over 124 years of history (at this writing) the .30 -30 Winchester is still a very well known and used cartridge today.
The .30-30 Winchester is not the same as the .32 Special Winchester or .30 Remington Automatic.