This huge, 9"x11",  382 page hardbound book
is loaded with important information on the
30-06, or the 30 cal. military round.
It shows pictures, plates and diagrams of
cartridges (
Head Stamp I.D.)from over 50
countries from Argentina to Yugoslavia.
Not just a great reference for just the   
30-06 cartridge, but for headstamps
and manufacturers guide to many
calibers .
Whether you're a 30-06  gun buff, a 30-06  
cartridge collector, just like to read a very good
book, or another great reference book to add to
your library of cartridge books.
This book was limited to only 500 in printing
and we were told never to be reprinted!
Autographed by the author, Chris Punnet,  world
reknown for his work on the 30-06 history, and
V.P  and  board member of the International
Ammunition Association. Limited printing and
out of print.
A true collector's item.
             30-06 (My Favorite Book & Author)
by Chris Punnett
$69.95 shipped by FedEx with ammunition
     or by itself in USA lower 48  States
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