Military Cartridge Section
30-06, .30 Model of 1906, Model .30, 30-06 Springfield
The 30-06 was introduced in October 15, 1906 as the .30 Cal. Model 1906, after many experimental trials,
since 1901, including the .30-01, .30-03, and was designed to replace the 30 Krag (or 30-40 Krag) with a
rimlessU.S. Military cartridge. Hence the name
30-06 for .30 Caliber introduced in 1906.
After 113 year (as of this writing) it has proven to be the most popular military and sporting cartridge of all time.  
In the past we have had over 100 different versions of this cartridge available, however with the need to have a
new web-site it will take sometime to have that many again, as we need to list other items first.