Current Rifle Cartridges
NEW for 2015, 28 NOSLER
In 2014, Nosler introduced their first cartridge to the world, the 26 Nosler.
In 2015, this caliber, the  28 Nosler was born, a joining this family of amazing performance cartridges.
In 2016 the 30 Nosler, will join the family, and in 2017 the .22 nosler and .33 Nolser were introduced.
Specimens pictured on left are  from
that but & available for sale.
By Nosler Inc. Bend Oregon.
New for 2015, "28 Nosler"
"Trophy Grade" Brand loaded
with a 175 grain, AccuBond® LR
Muzzle Velocity 3125 F.P.S.
Energy: 3.806 Foot Pounds
very impressive for a 7mm.