28 Gauge Shot-Shells
Shot-Shell Size
as lengths vary we
are showing diameter
differences only.
8 Gauge
10 Gauge
12 Gauge
16 Gauge
20 Gauge
410 Gauge
                                                                        A short story on shot-shells.
Shot-Shells have been produced for over 2 centuries in many sizes, from 00 gauge to .360 gauge  and also in millimeters sizes.
For those not familiar with shot-shells the lower the gauge number the larger the size. A 20 gauge is smaller then a 16 gauge, a
16 gauge is smaller then a 12 gauge etc.
A gauge is a unit of measurement in shotguns, determined by the number of lead balls the size of the gun's bore (inside barrel diameter)
that can be produced out of a pound of lead.  A 20 gauge gun size has 20 balls per pound, a 12 gauge has 12 balls, hence the smaller the
gauge number the larger the bore or size of the shell.