After World War II the NATO Nations spent a lot of time and our money on
experiments to try and come up with the perfect NATO cartridge that all NATO nations
would been able to use.
The idea was to make sure all the allied nations used the same ammunition to make it
easier to supply munitions in future conflicts.
The USA ended up with the 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester) .
The rest of the NATO countries decided to adopt it as the first universal cartridge for
the allied NATO nations, due to a lot of political pull by the USA.
It's too bad England didn't win out with this cartridge, as it had good knock -down
power with far less recoil than the 7.62 NATO.
These were experimental cartridges and the caliber was never put into major
production or adopted for any rifles other than the experimental rifles in the test.
280 British or 280/300
7mm  Military Experimental
British Cartridges
These are head stamped
(7mm54 FN), as they were
made in 1952, 7mm = 280 caliber,
and the maker was FNIndustries
or (Fabrique Nationale)  in Belgium)
under British Militarycontract.
3 Crimped Primer with brass Case
and Steel Jacketed Projectile
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Post Note:
The 7.62 NATO was short lived, and
with the under powered 5.56 NATO.
Now 50 years later, the NATO nations are
still looking for the perfect  warfare
and it is looking like this may have been
correct cartridge to use all the time?
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