Current Rifle Cartridges
.280 Remington, 7mm Express Remington, 7mm-06 Remington
The .280 Remington, or 7mm Express Remington or 7mm-06 Remington are basically the same , a 30-06 Springfield
(.30") case necked down to except .284" or 7mm projectiles.
The cartridge was a wildcat for many years before bring standardized and introduced by Remington in 1957.
In 1979 Remington increased the pressures and renamed the cartridge the 7mm Express Remington, but was later relabeled
back to the .280 Remington to stop the confusion with the 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge.
For a very short time due to an error in the factory a very few rifles with the barrels stamped 7mm06 stamped on them left the
factory and even fewer cartridges marked 7mm-06 Rem on the head stamp.   
Please note on the pictures to
the left.
Picture on right side is
for size comparison
Left is 280 Remington
Right is 30-06 Springfield