U.S. Military
Experimental Cartridges
276 Pedersen (7x51mm)
Many of us look back and remember the change from the 30-06 to a smaller caliber U.S. Military rifle cartridge like
the 7.62x51 NATO, which happened after World War II. They would be right, but that wasn't the first time.
The idea to replace the 30-06 (then used in the 1903 bolt-action rifle) started back in the early 1920's. The reason was
that some "U.S. Military Generals" at that time believed the 30-06 had excessive power which developed high pressure and high heat
for uses in the less than 500 yard range in a much needed, lighter, auto or semi-auto military rifle.
During the 1920's a few rifle and cartridge designs were tested, but the military decided to continue with the 30-06 for the
M1 Garand instead of the Pedersen. The Pedersen Rifle, officially known in final form as the T1E3 rifle, was an
automatic or semi-automatic rifle designed by John Pedersen that was made in small numbers for testing by the United
States Army during those 1920's tests.
The Frankford Arsenal
made all the
276 Pederson cartridges.
Available for sale are boxes
and cartridges, with a "FA 29"
Head-Stamp  which means:
Frankford Arsenal 1929.
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