6.35x48mm (FA-T110)
Experimental ~25 Winchester
The 6.35x48mm experimental
cartridge (.25 Winchester) was
designed by Frankford Arsenal and
manufactured by Winchester.
It was one of the experiments in the
mid-1950s and early 1960s by the USA
and NATO to develop a new Service
Rifle Cartridge.  One of the listed
loadings is a single ball (FA-T110).
The cartridge was one verison based
on the .25 Remington case,  the
(FA-T110) measured 6.35x48mm and  
loaded with one 4.5 grain (70 grain)
which had a velocity of 1,020 meters
per second or 3,345 feet per second.
However, the decision against the .223
was overturned by further trials in
1959, which again found the AR-15
superior to the M14 and
recommended that its development
should be pursued as a replacement
for the 7.62 mm rifle, which had only
been formally adopted for service two
years before.
$ 19.95 per