257 Condor
This cartridge
was deactivated  
for export. Note
Some have sold for over $65.00 each in the past. However due to a special buy,
we can make them available for only $24.95  per Cartridge
The 257 Condor was
designed by  Dr. Ramon
Somovia with some of the
"ground work" by the A&M
Gun Shop in Prescott AZ.
There were only 26 rifles
created by Fred Wells.
Dr. Somovia had Norma
make the cases and loaded
Norma loaded these
cartridges with 160 grain
Hollow Points.
only a few available.
These are considered an
obsolete proprietary
Minor spots, but easierly
cleans up.
A very scarce item.
Strict limit of one cartridge per customer