The 256 Winchester Magnum aka 256 Win. Mag., is based on the 357 Magnum necked down to .257" (6.5mm) and was
introduce app. 1963 for the special Ruger "Singe Shot" Hawkeye .
It was later used in the Marlin Model 62 Lever action rifle and a few other rifles.
It has been obsolete since app. 1990, but you can make cartridges from the 357 magnum case.
Below are Three versions, Early Western Cartridge company with "Super -X" Head Stamp, later Winchester Cartridge
Company with "W-W SUPER" Head Stamp. Both are Hollow Points, and Brand New 75 grain JSP.
256 Winchester Magnum, aka 256 Win Mag.
Obsolete Rifle & Pistol Cartridge Sections
Factory loaded by Western Cartridge
Company with 60 grain Jacketed
Hollow Point"Super-X" Head-Stamp
Factory loaded by Winchester Cartridge
Company with 60 grain Holow Point
"W-W SUPER" Head-Stamp
"Newly Made" "Custom loaded" Using "NEW"
75 Grain Jacketed Hollow Point