The .256 Gibbs Magnum was introduced in 1913.
The 256 Gibbs Magnum or Gibbs 256 Magnum is the smallest of the Gibbs
series used in the Mauser style rifle.
The cartridge had a muzzle velocity of 3,000 Feet per Second with a 145 grain soft point
bullet, which wasn't too shabby for 1913.
It was used on small to medium game, out to 500 yards.
$ 39.95 per
These cartridges were
manufactured for George Gibbs
of Bristol and 35 Savile Row,
London, England, by the
King's Norton Metal Co. Ld. of
Birmingham Ammunition Works
& Ranges, Abbey Wood, Kent.
They have a hard, dark, purplish
coated  projectile, that has partially
worn off with the time that has
passed since they were produced.
Limit one per customer
British Cartridges
.256 Gibbs Magnum