Current Rifle Cartridges
.25-06 Remington
As soon as the .30-06 became available in 1906, *wildcatters started experimented with the case to try other diameter
One of those wildcats was the.25-06 made by  necking down the 30-06 case made to accept 30 caliber .308" diameter
projectiles down to accept 25 caliber (.257") diameter projectiles.
Remington took to the idea and produced and patented the 25-06 Remington for the Remington Model 700 Bolt-action
rifle in 1969.
Loading 75 grain to 120 grain projectiles and velocity up to 3700 feet per second makes this a good choice for the varmint
to mid-size game hunter.
* Wildcatter: a person who takes a ammunition case and changes the shape to accept projectiles of a different size, either
larger or lower in diameter, then the original case was intended to use.