Current Rifle Cartridges
24 Nosler
                                        History of the .24 Nosler Cartridge:
The 24 Nosler was born as a wildcat around 2017 shortly after the .22 Nosler launch.
It was produced by reducing the case length and necking the case mouth of the .22 Nosler case to
accept .243 Caliber (6mm) projectiles thus filling the gap between the .22 Nolser (5.6mm) and .26
Nosler (6.5mm).
Like the .22 Nosler case  the .24 Nosler has the case diameter of a 6.8 Remington SPC with an
extreme rebated rim of a .223mm Remington, or 5.6 NATO, making it a good AR-15 caliber.
With a 1/8 twist barrel you can shot a 107 grain projectile at 3,000 F.P.S. or more.
Unlike the .22, .26, .28, .30, .33 calibers the .24 is not currently loaded by Nosler, as of this writing,
Photo on the right,
3 cartridges
for size comparison
Left : 24 Nosler
Center .22 Nosler
Right: 6.8 Remington SPC