22 Carbine
One of the experimental cartridges from 1950s Project SALVO
           Winchester Olin .22 Carbine SALVO U.S. Military Experimental
The Winchester Olin Project SALVO cartridge board of the mid-1950s, includes this very scarce cartridge, called (Cal. .22
Carbine).  It is
not a necked down .30 Carbine cartridge case, as the 22 Carbine has a thicker case and wider rim then the 30
carbine case.  The 22 Carbine had an unconventional 41 grain FMJ projectile and a military contract head-stamp of WCC 54.
(1954).  This was the first Project Salvo Experimental Cartridge, with many more cartridges from different U.S. Manufacturers
which lead to the U.S. Military 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge and commercial .223 Remington cartridge used today.
Regular $29.95, SALE $19.95 per Cartridge
Experimental Cartridge Section
Center Comparison Photo:
1.) 22 Carbine  Experimental
2.) 222 Remington
3.) 5.56 NATO
Please note, the 22 carbine Experimental is
not a necked down 30 Carbine.  It has a
thicker case and a larger diameter rim.  22
carbine has a .371" rim, same as the 222
Remington vs. .352" on the 30 Carbine rim.
Cartridges for sale came from the factory sealed box
produced by Winchester / Olin for U.S. Military trials.