223 Timbs also called 7.62x25mm Accelerator.
Not currently being produced by any manufacture.
The .223 Timbs was  developed  by Joseph Timbs.
It is the American answer to the proprietary
.224 BOZ, bringing the  CZ-52 into the new
The .223 Timbs is a special loading of the 7.62x25mm
round for use
only in the CZ-52 pistol. ONLY!
It consists of a sabot like the Remington Accelerator
pushing a 50grain Soft Point projectile over 2000
F.P.S. Concept was for devastating multi-purpose
round, usable for small game, varmints, and defense.
Accuracy has proven to be on-par with traditional
rounds fired from the same pistol, and terminal
ballistics are quite impressive with initial tests showing
devastating expansion from
the varmint-type bullets.
Current Pistol Cartridge Section
$ 3.75 per Cartridge,
Limit One per Customer