After World War II and the
decommissioning of the .30-06
in favor of the unsatisfactory
7.62 NATO (308 Winchester)
used in the M14 firearm, the
military decided that another
smaller caliber was needed for
our NATO forces.
Work began in the early to
mid 1950's and there were
many prototype/experimental
calibers leading to the
introduction of the 5.56 NATO
or (223 Remington).
Some were called .222
Remington Magnum (aka .224
Springfield), .224 Winchester and .
222 Special (Stoner-Design).
The NATO armed forces finally
decided on the .222 Special
design (aka .223 prototype) and
called it the 5.56 x 45 NATO.
The commercial version became
the .223 Remington.
These .222 Special cartridges are
from that testing phase
(1954/1956) leading to the 5.56
NATO introduced in 1957 for use
in the USA’s AR-15/M16,
and later also named 223
Remington for commericial use.
$ 9.95 per Cartridge
222 Special
Prototype / Experimental
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