5.6x39mm or .220 Russian
Picture to Left;
On Left is 7.62x39mm
On Right is 5.6x39mm
or .220 Russian
Russian Sporting Cartridges
The .220 Russian (5.6x39mm) cartridge was developed in 1961 by necking down
the 7.62x39mm (AK-47) cartridge and designated for small to medium
game hunting in Russia and in the running deer competition.
It was later used in Finland and produced by SAKO & Lapua by 1965.
From a Russian SSSR USSR publication: Velocity for a 43.2 grain
projectile is 3,379 to 3,487 feet per second; +at 25 meters
energy is 1,099 to 1,164 foot pounds.
The 6mm PPC Benchrest cartridge was a wildcat made from the 220