The R-2 Lovell  was an unusual development because it is an example of a wildcat cartridge
developed from what was originally a wildcat.
It is believed to have been developed in 1937 by Harvey Donaldson from New York."It derived its
name from the fact that the second chambering reamer (made by M.S. Risley, Earlville, NY) appeared
to be correct in providing what the designer was striving to produce. It is actually an improved or
blown out version of the original 22 Lovell or 22-3000 developed by Harvey Lovell about 1934.
Both are based on the obsolete 25-20 Single Shot case necked down, itself a wildcat when it first
appeared in 1882.
22-3000 Griffin & Howe R-2
The R-2 was so popular that the late J. Bushnell
Smith of Middlebury, Vermont, and Griffen &
Howe of New York City custom loaded
ammunition in large quantities; when the supply
of 25-20 Single-Shot cases was exhausted.
Griffen & Howe arranged for the manufacture
of R-2 cases.
These are specimens of those cases.
I consider the {22-3000 G&H} Head-Stamp not
a true Wildcat Cartridge, but a Proprietary
Cartridge as they were created by a manufacturer
of the day, not home made from another cartridge
as a true Wildcat is made today and yesteryear.
 $ 9.75 per Cartridge
Obsolete Rifle Cartridges