The  22-250 Remington began
as a wildcat by necking down the
250-3000 Savage (also called the
250 Savage) to .22" caliber, by
Harvey Donaldson in 1934.
The 250 Savage was designed by
Charles Newton in 1915 and
named it the  250-3000 because it
was a 25 (250) caliber, and would
go 3,000 Feet per Second.
Somehow Remington got the rights
to the design and started production
under the 22-250 Remington label.
I personally load and shoot this
caliber and it is a great cartridge and
easily produces 4,000 + Feet per
Second velocities with 50 grain
It is one of the best all round
varmint cartridges and has
outstanding accuracy.
$ 1.95 per
22-250 Remington
22 Varminter