22-250- Remington Etronx
$ 3.75 per
Remington introduced the
Electric Primed
"Etronx" in the
mid to late 1990's, in three
calibers loaded by the factory,
220 Swift,  22-250 Remington,
and 243 Winchester.
The case, propellant and bullet
are conventional components,
the difference is in the primer,
the EtronX system utilizes a
patented technology to
electronically discharge the
The Rifle  ,"Traditional M/700â
„¢  had a retail on $1,999.00  
and was not affordable or well
received by the general public.
Considered Obsolete
No Longer made by Remington
These are Factory loaded cartridges
$59.95 per Box
of 20 rounds
$ 2.99 per Cartridge
Sorry out of Boxes
Limit One cartridge
per Collector!