7.62x51mm Nato "1988 Palma Match"
$ 4.95 per Cartridge
Military Cartridge Section
7.62x51 Nato Section
The 7.62x51mm NATO also  known as the 308
Winchester in Sporting Cartridges was the USA
submitted (T-65) tested in the early 1950s by NATO.
The T-65 was a  30-06 case, shortened from 63 mm
to 51 mm.
It is still considered a standardized NATO Cartridge,
along with the 5.56x45mm to this day.
The first Palma Trophy Match was held on
September 13-14, 1876 at Creedmoor Range, Long
Island, New York, USA. Participants were Australia,
Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and the United States.
The 1988 Palma Match was hosted by Sydney
Australia,  and these cartridges were produced for
that match.
The  headstamp figures at "leaping kangaroos",
PALMA 88 "MF" with Full Metal Jacket Projectiles.
Which was  the 30 year anniversary  of the
7.62x51mm NATO Cartridge.