30-03  Springfield (1903)
30-03 Government (1903)
Military Cartridge Stock Section
Long Obsolete
Long Obsolete
Starting in 1900 the military began testing on a cartridge to replace the 30 Caliber (30-40 ) Krag, rimmed cartridge.
After 3 years of work, the 30-03 was introduce and adopted in July of 1903 for the Springfield Model 1903 rifle,
which eventually replaced the 30 Army AKA 30/40 Krag (rimmed) military cartridge .
The 1903 (30-03) was replaced in 1906 by the 30-06 (Model 1906 Type) which was a 1903 case with a reduced neck
length by .01"
To the best of my limited knowledge, the 1903 cartridge was only produced until 1907, which makes this cartridge
obsolete for over 100 years.
Cartridges for sale are pictured on the
left, and were produced by Winchester.
Head Stamped:
"W.R.A. Co. 30 G. 1903"
and loaded with a 220 grain,
nickel plated copper soft point.
As with many 100 year old cartridges,
many of them end up having minor split necks
due to the brass becoming brittle with age,
even with these factory loaded cartridge.
$29.75 for one cartridge,
near mint with
NO Split Neck,
Limit One Cartridge per Customer
$14.75 for one cartridge,
near mint
with minor split neck.
Limit One Cartridge per Customer
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30-03 Government (1903)
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