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17 Hornet
The .17 Hornet, or .17 Ackley Hornet, was orginally a wildcat cartridge designed by
Mr. Ackley in the early 1950s; it was also called the .17 Pee Wee and O'Neil-Ackley.
The cartridge was created by necking-down the .22 Hornet to .17 caliber.
The result was a small case with relatively little noise capable of high velocity.
The new (standardized) 17 Hornet below by Hornady
does not have the same
dimensional specifications as the original wildcat cartridge.
Below from the Hornady website:
Based on the 22 Hornet cartridge case,
the 17 Hornet propels the 20 gr V-MAX
at 3,650 fps. Fueled with Superformance
propellent, the 17 Hornet
Superformance Varmint  delivers the
trajectory of a traditional 55 gr 223 load,
but is a
pleasure to shoot with the felt recoil of
a 22 WMR. The 17 Hornet is a fun .17
caliber centerfire cartridge that puts the
STING on varmints out to 300 yards!

For sale - pictured on the left -
new 17 Hornet by Hornady
Currently in very limited amounts
so limited to
one per customer
for now..
$ 2.50 per Cartridge                  
Cartridges in current production by the larger
ammunition makers: CCI, COR-BON, Federal, Hornady, Norma, PMC,
Remington, Winchester, Weatherby, Wolf, etc...
U.S.A. and
some other
NEW for 2012
NEW for 2012
Limit one cartridge per customer
for now, no limit in the near future
>>>>>>>>>>>far right picture: 17 hornet vs. 22