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17 Hornet Center-Fire
Cartridges in current production by the larger
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The new (standardized) 17 Hornet by Hornady was introduced in 2012 and does not have the same dimensional
specifications as the original .17 Hornet Ackey wildcat cartridge.
Basically the older 17 Ackley wildcat cartridge has a 38 degree shoulder vs. the 25 degree should angle of the
new .17 Hornet (standardized) by Hornady.    
The older .17 Hornet Ackley wildcat, was originally a wildcat cartridge was designed by Mr. Ackley in the early
1950s; it was also called the .17 Pee Wee and O'Neil-Ackley, and  the cartridge was created by necking-down the
.22 Hornet to .17 caliber. The result was a small case with relatively little noise with the  capable of high velocity.
NEW for 2012
Below from the Hornady website:
"Based on the 22 Hornet cartridge case, the 17 Hornet propels the
20 grain V-MAX at 3,650 fps. Fueled with Superformance Performance
propellant, the 17 Hornet Performance Varmint  delivers the trajectory
of a traditional 55 gr 223 load, but is a pleasure to shoot with the felt
recoil of a 22 WMR. The 17 Hornet is a fun .17 caliber centerfire
cartridge that puts the STING on varmints out to 300 yards!"