Obsolete Pistol Cartridge Section
10mm Magnum, aka 10mm ATM Magnum
"Not to be confused with the 10mm Auto, different cartridge"
Available are custom loaded
10mm Magnum
as seen in picture on left.
Due to legalities
loaded with an inert
power and will not fire, for
display only
Please note:
Small picture
to left
10mm Magnum
10mm Auto
The 10mm (AMT) Magnum was introduced in 1992 as a "Proprietary" Cartridge for the AMT;
(Arcadia Machine &Tool Inc.) later bought by IAI (Irwindale Arms Incorporated) and now owned by
the High Standard Manufacturing Company.
The 10 mm Magnum was used in AMT (IAI) Automag IV pistol.
Basically the 10mm Auto Mag. is a lengthened 10 mm Auto, with a lot more energy.
To my knowledge, no major ammunition company is producing this cartridge for resale, and the
owners of the pistol have to load their own ammunition.