The 10.4 x 47 Rmm Italian Vetterli was
introduced in 1870, as an Italian military
cartridge, and used in the single shot Vetterli
M70/87 Rifle.
It was only used for a few years and has been
obsolete since the late 1800's, so these
cartridges are over  
110 Hundred Years Old !
Made in 1890 and packaged in 1891.
These cartridges have the M90 loading,
with a copper or brass jacketed projectile, and
the M70 load was lead projectile.
Picture shows 91 H/S, however we are now
shipping "G-90" Head Stamp, which is
1890 Production
A very hard to find item!
$ 19.50 per Cartridge
10.4 x 47 Rmm Italian Vetterli
Military Cartridge Section