It may be easier to explain what a wildcat is not vs. what it is. It is not a cartridge that has been standardized, unless
by the person who designed it.   It is not manufactured by any company, and is not available in stores. They are not
recognized by
SAAMI  Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer's Institute Inc.
It is made by an individual shooter & ammunition make, normally by changing the shape ("Parent") regular cartridge case.
A ("Parent") cartridge is a regular, standardized,  manufactured mass-produced commercial product, like the 30-30 Winchester.
Normally, but not always, it is necking the case mouth down or up in diameter, or/and  changing the length of the case, or
changing the angle of decease from the case wall to the case neck.  
Sometimes it is just changing the projectile.
Basically a "Wildcat Cartridge is just different! (like cartridge collectors!)
Many regula, commercial cartridges calibers today began as wildcats.
There at 100s (maybe 1,000s) of different wildcats cartridges, for the sake of sanity(of which I have very little left) we will
only list the wildcats in stock, or out of stock after we sold out.
I buy from many different makers, so all our wildcat cartridges are sold as collectibles only. They may not be safe to fire,
or may not fire due to age.
Wildcats come and go, so if you want one don't wait to long, as many can NOT be replaced.
A Wildcat Cartridge is:
Limit One Cartridge per Customer!
Unless your buying for more than 1 collector then yourself, but please e-mail me before you order.
We are always looking to buy wildcat cartridges from individuals who make them for their own use.
All cartridges we buy must be good condition, no split case mouths, etc.
E-mail use at
info@ammo-one.com or phone us at 207-642-7980 = 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST Maine.
A Wildcat Cartridge is not:
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