22 PPC
The 22 PPC is based on the 220
Russian case with a 30 degree
shoulder and 10% body taper,
developed in the USA by Dr.
Louis Palmisno and Ferris
Pindell orginally as a wildcat
benchrest cartridge.
The first rifles were produced
by Wichita Engineering &
Supply Company.
Later Sako of Finland produced
firearms & ammunition and
Norma of Sweden produced  
This is listed as a "Current
American Rifle Cartridge" in
the 11th. Edition of "Cartridges
of the World" New fall of 2006,
but I can't find any wholesalers
in the USA selling it ?
I e-mailed Norma Corp. offices,
in Sweden, but got no reply, not
very good business on their part?
I only have a few "Norma"
Head Stamp available,
$ 4.95 per
Out of Stock,
Looking to Buy