8mm Remington Magnum
(2.) Reg. Brass Case
$ 4.75 per Cartridge
(1.) Nickle Case Safari
$ 6.75 per Cartridge
The huge 8mm Remington
Magnum was introduced
in 1978 for the Model 700
(BDL) bolt-action rifle.
The cartridge is based on
the 375 H&H cartridge,
blowing out the case for
more powder and widening
the mouth to accept 8mm;
however, it will work in a
standard action rifle, which
is unusual for a belted
magnum of its large size.
The cartridge puts out up to
4,150 foot pounds of
energy, with a 200 grain
projectile able to travel at
over 3,000 feet per second.
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8mm Remington Magnum
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